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Many TRIZ software are available these days. The very first one was Invention Machine created by Valery Tsurikov from Minsk, Belarus back in 1993. Majrity of TRIZ software today are only available only commercially, some of them have a free trial for a limited period.

Why we need TRIZ software?

TRIZ has been designed around milions of inventions and patents, different scientific principles, effect and phenomena. Many wonderful methods, techniquesm and rules have been extracted frrom human creativity and have been inserted into modern science of TRIZ, such as:

  • Inventive Problem Solving Levels and Categories
  • Technical Contradiction Removal Principles
  • Evolution of Techical Systems
  • Substance-field analysis
  • Algorithm of Inventive Problems Solving
  • RDT (Rapid Deployment Tool). It has been developed by the author of this post.

Sevefral techniques and methods of TRIZ became available during the past 15 years as described below:

  1. SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking)
  2. ASIT (Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking)
  3. USIT (Unified Systematic Inventive Thinking)
  4. JUSIT (Japanese version of Unified Systematic Inventive Thinking)

TRIZ-related software products are available from:

TRIZ software is available from these sites:

TRIZSoft® go to their site at
TRIZSoft products are developed by Ideation International to privide solutions based on TRIZ. The TRIZSoft innovation tools intends to provide expeditious solutions to complex innovative problems. The tools include: Eureka on Demand, Ideation Brainstorming, Knowledge Wizard, Innovation WorkBench (IWB), Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD), Ideation Failure Analysis, Ideation Failure Prediction etc.
TechOptimizer go to their site at
TechOptimizer is one of the most popular TRIZ software developed by Invention Machine Corporation. It includes excellent tool for functional Anslysis and Attributes, Trends of Evolution and other TRIZ techniques. Invention Machine has another product, viz, Goldfire Intelligence, an online patent and knowledge database service.
Goldfire Innovator go to their site at
Goldfire Innovator brings a structured process to inventive problem-solving, arming users with easy-to-use problem-identification, problem-solving and solution-generating capabilities, enabling them to systematically tackle engineering problems – spanning: New product development, product and process improvement, defect resolution and prevention, strategic product and technology research, market-barrier elimination and intellectual property protection.
CreaTRIZ go to their site at
TRIZ software from CREAX, having examples for Principles, Trends, Contradictions and other techniques. Idea pad for recording ideas.
TriSolver go to their site at
TriSolver is a TRIZ software from the company TriSolver. It was originally developed as an inhouse tool for TriSolver Group. It is a computer aided innovation (CAI) tool populr in Germany. It has features like idea manager, contradiction matrix and ARIZ.
TRIZ Explorer go to their site at
A software providing structured reference system to TRIZ knowledge. Does not provide actual support during problem solving process.
TRIZContrasolve go to their site at
A simple tool to get Inventive Principles for given contradiction parameters.

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