Rapid Product Develpment Tools


Each engine gear is a powerful multi-disciplinary processor that is based on three self-contained modules running independently or in a group:

A. Main Gear

Topic Selection:

  • Identification and Classification Processor Module (ICPM)
  • Team Organizer (TO)
  • It consists of the following components:

Intellectual Capital Assessment (ICA)

  • Group Member Selector/Eliminator (GMSE)
  • Proposal and Presentation Builder (PPB)

Idea Generator (IG)

It is based on recent psychological breakthrough in generating unbiased suggestions  from team members

B.  Rear Gear

Problem Formulation and Description Module (PFDM)

It results in obtaining the simplest, yet the most universal and most descriptive formulation of the problem, task or activity

Methodology of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ).

It consists of over 3.5M inventions world-wide, 5 classes, 35 levels, 76 standards, over 500 powerful methods, techniques, and steps with over 1,500 technical contradictions, as well as a knowledge base with over 5,000 technical principles, effects, and phenomena.

Solution Module (SM)

A concept of obtaining solution to a problem prior to the actual process of solving that problem is valid, and it is based on the following preposition:

 If a problem has a description, it has a solution or if a problem can be formulated, it can be solved

 C. Front Gear:

Action Plan Stage (APS)

This is not just a designing and writing a business plan stage. This is a plan of action that is based on the Prognosis of Technical System Development (PTSD) – a separate part of the TRIZ methodology.

Development Stage (DS)

This module, either technical or any other, requires an expert system solution. It is an integral part of this product.

Implementation Stage (IS)

As a part of the Function System Deployment (FSD), this stage is based on the latest process control standards, project and product development, techniques and practice.


This hypothetical sports car is capable of running in at least three different modes of operation by Main, Rear or Front gear independently with its own knowledge base combining any two gears that are running simultaneously as follows:

  1. main and rear gear
  2. main and front gear
  3. rear and front gear

Each combination of gears is powered by separate heuristic algorithm capable of self-running and self-tuning.


Note 1: There is an extra item that has been incorporated into every gear and each individual component of the Rapid Development Tool. It includes an algorithm presently known as Ideal Result (IFR) method. IFR has been tailored for each module and component.

Note 2:  Every module and each component has been independently developed. They represent self-contained methodologies to be used independently from each other.

Note3:  Each gear combines three modules that run simultaneously. The principle behind those gears is based on the Theory of Optimization, that is a combination of modern mathematics, linguistics, human neurology, and relational database plus data warehousing.

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