Problem Solving

Do you want to see how other people handle problems solving process for themselves? Then select any solution from the Problem Solving Wall below. You will be suprised to see how smart people (and animals) might be: group of scientists and engineers have developed unique methodology of helping companies during decisions-making process. Based on elements of artificial intelligence this methodology has become the most comprehensive tool in the following common parts of the decision-making process:

  • selecting adequate participants
  • describing and formulating problem or task
  • finding, selecting, and finalizing key words within possible solution
  • assessing internal and external resources
  • obtaining solution(s) by applying heuristic algorithms
  • applying Ideal Final Result into obtained solutions
  • finalizing decision and creating an action plan

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1 greater knowledge and facts
  • Benefit 2 broader perspective on issues
  • Benefit 3 more alternatives considered
  • Benefit 4 greater satisfaction and support of decisions
  • Benefit 5 better problem comprehension
  • Benefit 6 serves communication and political functions

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