One Hour Driving

You think that to learn how to drive a car within an hour is totally impossible? Not at all!!!

Let me explain to you how it is easy to do that and you will be able get help from a friend or relative to accomplish merely ONE HOUR DRIVING SCHOOL and get you driving test done with any motor vehicle office. Here it is. Just follow these simple rules and you will get it done REALLY QUICK:

Rule #1: Get yourself a Driver’s Book for your state or province and memorize it as much as you can. Pay attention to all numbers in that book. You need to know them by heart and memorize them for good!!! Now, go and get your 365 driving license in US or G1 in Canada.

Rule #2: Find yourself a friend, a parent, or anyone else who will be willing to spend an hour with you while you are driving. Ask him or her to select large industrial parking lot where you are going to practice you skills.

Rule # 3: Start practising driving using the following sequence until you totally comfortable with what you are doing. Here is the sequence:

1.   Learn to stop a car and to start a car. Pronounce loudly STOP and DRIVE every time you want to initialize those two most important commands. Command STOP needs to become as a reflex in your mind. Ask you buddy to check this command on you. Make sure that you do not miss any of them. Also remember that stopping and accelerating a car is not linear function. It is, in fact, a parabolic function, which means that when you try to stop the car you do it firmly at the beginning and gradually release the break pedal to make a total stop without jerking. An acceleration of the car is completely opposite: starting slowly and increasing the r on the gas pedal to achieve the required speed. In another words, a passenger sitting next to you would not feel any jitter or tremble when you are stopping or accelerating a car. Total exercise is 15-20 min.

2. While practicing linear breaking and linear accelerating of the car (as described above), try to maintain the same speed of the car by keeping or pressing the gas pedal witht the same pressure. It is very important skill in driving. The other even more important skill to practise is to drive a car strictly along single line, no matter how far or how short your trip is. Total exercise is 15-20 min.

3. The same applies for the turning or ramping: you decelerate the car to the most adequate speed (it is about 1/3 of the an overall turn or a ramp distance). Then try to maintain the same speed while turning the other 1/3 of the turn, and gradually accelerate during the last 1/3 of the turn or ramp while getting out of it. Total exercise is 25-30 min.

As you can see, all you need is about one hour practising those simple rules described above. Basically, it is all you need to practice!!!!

Good luck to you and happy driving! Read more on this site about other techniques you need to learn, such as how to master defensive driving, driving under bad road conditions, etc. However, for the sake of getting your driving test passed, you don’t need them at this moment.

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