Can anyone become gifted? Myth or Truth?


It could be a real surprise to many of you to know that we are born with almost empty brain pattern. For some period of time, after we are born, we could not even recognize simple objects, like a chair, a window, light, water, and thousands of other objects. We don’t even have any language pattern, such as words, which associate our thoughts with those objects. It means that we cannot recognize those objects until we have words (or any other mental reflexes) associated with them.

  • It will take days and weeks, sometimes months, until we can recognize these objects and attach words to them to make a simple mental reflex. PLease make a note of the difference between regular body reflexes and those we call mental reflexes. You also will be surprised to know that those reflexes, when obtained, do not have distinguished differences between mental patterns, such as, visual, audible, tactile, smell, temperature, and other type of sensations. In fact, all those human attributes are distributed by totally identical neurons, in quantities any super-size computer will be very proud of (if it can be proud of anything at all)!
  •  Another surprise might be of a different nature: human IQ is directly proportional to the density of our brain. In other words, the more dense our brain is – the more reflexes or patterns can be activated, – and then our IQ is higher. The accuracy of that analysis is greater that 1%.
  • What does it tell you? It tells us that the greater the amount of activated neurons in our brain (read: reflexes), the smarter we are! It is obvious that for a trained brain it will take less time to process any information, to memorize any data, to solve any problem, and spend less time on regular learning and studying.


That is why to GET SMART eventually leads to better life, greater achievements, and prosperity!


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