Most of items below are totally free, others are trial versions or premium:

The following software might very usefull for you. It is also available for download:


Stand-Alone Software

Software Version Date  Size Download
K-ML 4.0.408 30/12/10 2.2 Mb Click Here
AudioGrail (K MP3) 10/11/10 1.7 Mb Click Here
PhotoToFilm 29/12/08  1.3 Mb Click Here
AVI Toolbox 5/5/09 1.1 Mb Click Here
ApHeMo 30/7/09  1.1 Mb Click Here
Sponsored FREE Software  
RK optional component is included in full setup builds (not in lite build, see “more” links) of the follwoing products. Read this
Software Version Date  Size Download
SUMo 22/12/10 1.9 Mb Click Here
VideoInspector 17/8/10 2.2 Mb Click Here
KFK 26/12/09 1.9 Mb Click Here
Ignition 4/8/08 2.1 Mb Click Here
IDPhotoStudio 3/9/10 1.9 Mb Click Here
KCleaner 30/12/10 1.1 Mb Click Here
Vampix 10/5/09 1.7 Mb Click Here
Components (ocx) for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (required)
Software Version Date Size Download
K-FTP 4.11.501 12/4/09 700Kb Click Here 
K-MAIL 4.26.344 22/12/10 550 Kb Click Here 
Alternative FTP        
Alternative FTP server #1     

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